About Doomspark

This page will eventually contain links to my various interests, obscure or not. It may or may not contain information about Doomspark as well. It's not particularly well-organized.


Other Stuff

One question I get every now and then is: Doom, what's with the badger? My iconic symbol was made for me by the brilliant and talented Tarah Fae. I've lost touch with her over the years, but I keep my badger in homage.

As much as I loved my Harley, I've found that it's simply too dangerous to ride a motorcycle these days. So a few months ago, I sold my trike. I miss it still, but... almost every time I read the news, there's an article about a motorcyclist who's gotten plastered by a car that didn't see him / her.

These are my cats. Anyone who knows me knows that I like cats.

shadow merlin

Two of the best cats ever. RIP Shadowdancer and Merlin. You are still loved and missed.


Luke and Moon. More properly, Maullenium Luke Mauwalker and Maullenium Painted Moon. And that doesn't count the various titles to which they're entitled.

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