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This website is devoted to my writing, both fictional and otherwise. While the bulk of what's on these pages is my fanfic, I reserve the right to babble about anything that comes into my mind. Therefore, gentle reader, be prepared to read about anything from computers, to cats, to motorcycles, to politics.


Happy New Year. The biggest news around these parts is that I have dropped Livejournal like a hot potato and moved to Dreamwidth. I'll be updating various places around the 'net to announce this. Have done some writing, but not nearly enough.

MDDhosting continues to be painless. The problems I've had have all been caused by the contents of the chair, not the computer. Got billed by Bluehost, screamed bloody murder, and they refunded.


Some - but not enough - writing done. Ditched Bluehost after a major snafu involving email, and migrated to MDDHosting. So far, I'm impressed. The migration was relatively painless and relatively transparent.


Much writing on fanfic, less on my original works. I'm considering a complete rewrite of Invictus, but that's not going to be a priority.


Voted early over the weekend, and strongly urge people to do the same.


Just reinstalled Aptana on the new computer, and need to test it.


I've been considering a complete revamp of the site. Have removed all old updates. Still using Aptana because I really like it, and I understand it. But I want to learn how to use Joomla, PHP-Nuke, or some other CMS (other than Wordpress - I don't think it's suited for what I want to do).

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